Brandy Addresses ‘Big Lie,’ Talks Whitney Houston, Ray J and Car Accident on Oprah’s ‘Where Are They Now?’



On Sunday night Oprah welcomed special guest Brandy to her show ‘Where Are They Now?’ on the OWN Network. The special interview was promoted with a clip that showed the R&B songstress addressing a “big fib” she once told the TV host.

As many guessed that statement was about her alleged marriage to producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith, who is the father of her daughter Sy’rai. During their discussion Brandy opened up about the decision to lie on national television once again. “I was scared, I thought that everything that I had worked hard for and everything that worked hard to build, the image that I worked so hard to build to threatened,” explained Brandy.

Additionally, Brandy talked about what having a daughter taught her about her self, and shared a tough decision she had to deal with as a mother. She also shared with Oprah her struggles to get through the pain of the tragic car accident that she was involved in. “I don’t think that’s something I could ever get over or ever truly understand,” said Brandy.

Along with her personal life, the singer spoke to Oprah about her relationship with Whitney Houston. “She’s definitely one of my angels,” shared Brandy. She also spoke about her brother Ray J’s connection with Whitney and helping him deal with the loss.

If you missed the episode last night check out the clips below:

  1. mon88 8 years ago

    I’m so sick of Brandy & Oprah milking Whitney’s murder and Brandy should be in jail for manslaughter.

  2. Golden Grahams 8 years ago

    Oprah has no emotions whatsoever! And for Brandy, once a liar, always a liar.

  3. Min Z 8 years ago

    I don’t understand why people hate Brandy so much! Ok, she she lied to the public about somethings in her life, she got into a bad car accident and somebody’s wife/mother was taken away, ok we all get that it’s bad. However, somewhere in your soul, you gotta learn to forgive Brandy in spite of, I know I have. Everyone including me, has lied at least once in their life time. So it doesn’t matter how big or how small the lie is, a lie is a lie, and nobody should judge or condemn anybody else for lying because we are all guilty of it.

    And about the car crash, if nobody in your family was killed in that accident, you have no right to hold that deed against here for the rest of her life. Also, what you think of Brandy doesn’t matter because you don’t have a heaven or hell to put Brandy in so still penalizing Brandy even after 6-12 years later, just STOP IT!

  4. mon88 8 years ago

    do you know brandy? if not this rant you posted was stupid and I suggest you look up the meaning of the word hate before you use it. sit down

  5. Min Z 8 years ago

    I know what hate is but Obviously you’re the one who should look up what “hate” is and there is nothing stupid about my post and me standing up for what’s right! Your right I don’t know her, but what difference does it make, that’s still no excuse to throw stones at somebody just because of some bad choices she made. Everybody make bad choices doesn’t matter big or small. If I were you, I rather forgive Brandy than hold a deed against her for life. You get what u put into the universe. Unforgiving people will get unforgiveness. So You sit down!

  6. mon88 8 years ago

    I’m already seated and relaxed I don’t care if it was Brandy or someone else she should have went to jail bottom line. Don’t use the phrase throwing stones unless you know what it means…clearly you don’t.

    *Hate means to dislike someone and nowhere in my comment did i say i dislike Brandy so stop with the reaching and preaching.

  7. Min Z 8 years ago

    Oh my bad. Your comment looked like you was pretty disgusted to me because Brandy didn’t go to jail like you thought she should though I disagree and praise God that she didn’t. OK so what Brandy didn’t go to jail, what can you do about it!? Nothing! And don’t fucking insulting my intelligence because based off of what you said seems like it was coming from an ugly place to me.

    *Throwing Stones originally stated “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones; for people will throw stones back”. In other words – don’t badmouth others when you have faults of your own and don’t judge other people because you could end up in that same situation one day so that you should care about!

    And since you wanna tell me what I don’t know, how about this, “according to a report, The 38 year old lady actually struck a car in front of her before slamming on the brakes” and this is right before Brandy even made contact with that lady and later Brandy got accused that she did something wrong because she’s well known and that situation had her name on it, so I can see why she wasn’t and shouldn’t be charged and go to jail because that wasn’t ALL HER FAULT! It’s all there on Wikipedia, look it up and if you already have, good!

    Now I tried to show you the light but I wasted my time trying with foolish people like yourself. At least I know how to forgive unlike your smart ass… which you clearly don’t! One more thing, don’t even bother replying back because it’s not gonna change anything. Brandy’s situation has been dealt with years ago so What’s said is said and what’s done is done. Now Move On!

  8. LAMAR 8 years ago

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. CannabisIsNotEvil 8 years ago

    i just want to know what was in that damn note Whitney gave her…

  10. BeachN 8 years ago

    There but for the grace of God go any of us.. Watch what ya say..

  11. mae 1 8 years ago

    Brandi, Quit trying to be whitney Houston and get your own style. There is only 1 Whitney.

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