New Music: OMG – Boy It’s Over



The OMG Girls are forming into a full group of women! Releasing their newest single, “Boy It’s Over,” the trio belts out to their now ex-lovers over the J.Reid production.

Singing out, “You can keep the headache, just give me my keys back,” the remake of Jagged Edge’s single “Girl It’s Over” seems as if it’s on its way to being a R&B hit for Beauty, Star, and Baby Doll.

Take a listen to the new single and tell us if you’re feeling the ’90s influenced track below!

You can pick up the single on iTunes now.

  1. mon88 8 years ago

    They look stupid and JE version is far superior.

  2. SheriaHicks 8 years ago

    I like itt!!!! IT doesn’t top JE but its good! And I wouldn’t necessarily wear what they have on but its cute for them!!! They need that to set them apart from other girl groups anyway. And I always knew the lil one in the middle was gon be beautiful when she grew glad she grew out those ugly bangs

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