Beyoncé Takes Fans Behind The Scenes of 2014 VMA Performance



While yesterday was dubbed as “B-Day,” today brought with it another look into the life of Beyoncé and we wouldn’t call it anything less than flawless.

Indeed her performance at this year’s VMA’s was that of the above, what fans didn’t realize during her breathtaking mini-concert is that there were moments where things didn’t look like they were going to come together.

In the newly released behind the scenes clip, Queen Bey gives fans a firsthand look into what it’s like being Beyoncé. From uncompleted stages, to only having one run through of the show, the international superstar continues to prove just why she’s one of the best to ever do it.

And, if you thought Blue Ivy’s appearance on stage was cute, wait until you hear her in this clip! Take a look at it after the jump!

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