Mathew Knowles Hints at Destiny’s Child Reunion



Everyone’s talked about it for years now, and fans finally were treated to an amazing reunion performance at the 2013 Super Bowl.  Only months ago, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland reunited with Michelle Williams on her inspirational single “Say Yes.”

This Thursday, Bey’s father and music mogul Mathew Knowles stopped by The Madd Hatta Morning Show on Houston’s 97.9 The Box, and spoke with the crew about his latest ventures, he even joked about how the problems between him and Beyoncé started. While he was sure to clear up any rumors that the two don’t speak, revealing that they talk every Sunday, Mathew was also very clear that a Destiny’s Child reunion will absolutely happen. “No, absolutely you still will,” he said when asked if we will see them together again.

Clarifying that he does indeed still manage the group, Mathew Knowles explained how they are very strategic with everything they do. “Things don’t just happen. It didn’t just happen that on Michelle’s current album she has Beyoncé and Kelly, or that they were on ABC together recently, that’s not luck, or the Target commercial that has “Independent Woman” as a sound bed in it, those things aren’t just luck. We don’t ever work on luck, we work on strategy,” he explained.

Mathew also addressed his feelings on the rumors of Beyoncé and Jay Z spitting up, and spoke about using gossip to your advantage from a business standpoint, additionally he shared their philosophy on social media.

Take a listen to Mathew’s full interview below!

[via 97.9 The Box]

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