Throwback Thursday: Joe – ‘The Love Scene’


” ’69 was a very good year do you remember, if you know what I mean my dear.” Remember when R&B was sexy and sensual as this?!?

Joe is a R&B singer-songwriter and record producer.  He had breakthrough success with his second album, All That I Am in 1997. The album, reached No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart, and No. 4 on the Billboard R&B chart. “The Love Scene” was released as a single off of the same album.

The track is about having a sexy love making session alluding to those often shown in a movie. “Let’s make a love scene, steamy and blue, erotic memories for an audience of two, and we’ll make a love scene, let the foreplay begin, and replay each moment again and again and again,” croons Joe. The video, shown in black and white, features the singer as a film director trying to get the perfect scene for his actors until he, frustrated, takes a break to make a love scene of his own.

Enjoy the classic above.

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  1. Jan de Boer 4 years ago

    One of my favourite r&b songs. All that i am is one of his best albums period.

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