Video: Poo Bear feat. Tyga – ‘Work For It’



You’ve probably heard his name, or at least heard his writing, but now Grammy winning singer/songwriter/producer Poo Bear steps in front of the camera for the official music video to his new single “Work For It” featuring Tyga.

Justin Bieber, who has collaborated with Poo Bear in the past, makes a quick cameo but enough to make his fans swoon, as he gets fitted for some new gear by a team of sexy ladies. Poo Bear heads up a task force known as BDI, while he croons out to his lady that he’s ready to give her everything, but she needs to put in that work.

“Ohh I’ma make you sweat for it, that good kind of hurt,” he sings.

Rapper Soulja Boy and singer/rapper Khalil also make appearances in the video as members of his team.

Peep the new video for the smooth single below!

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  1. Ssj Broku 8 years ago

    i hear alot of boyz ii men influences…nice song

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