New Music: Jodeci feat. Mila J – Body Parts


Jodeci New Album

The Bad Boys of R&B are back, and guess what? Their brand new album The Past, The Present, The Future will be hitting stores and streaming services next week on March 31!

Making ’90s R&B fans salivate for a return to their groundbreaking and legendary sound, Jodeci has delivered well so far with their first single “Every Moment,” and buzz songs “Checkin For You” and “Nobody Wins.”

With the LP hitting stores on Tuesday it has already sprung a leak, and their latest song to find it’s way around is their unexpected collaboration with L.A. singer Mila J.

Attempting a more contemporary sound, the fellas sing some lust-filled lyrics to a sexy female in the club, while Mila plays the object of their advances.

“Let me share a drink with you, let me get you in the mood,” they sing, while Mila responds: “I can tell from the way you’re licking your lips you want it yeah yeah.”

Take a listen below:

  1. Koumi9-Locc 7 years ago

    Dope Sicc Mila is on Top…

  2. rd1981 7 years ago

    show ’em how it’s done, this is crazy.

  3. MellO 7 years ago

    Mila j is that chick tho!

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