Throwback Tuesday: Ginuwine – ‘So Anxious’


GinuFine Ginuwine definitely made some steamy classics! Who can forget “So Anxious.” This takes us back to the BET ‘Midnight Love’ days.

Ginuwine has contributed so much to R&B since he burst onto the scene in the ’90s. Today his catalog features some of the greatest records of that era through the early 2000s. “So Anxious” was the third single released from his sophomore album 100% Ginuwine.

The song, produced by Timbaland and written by Static Major, was Ginuwine’s second Top 20 hit, and peaked in the Top 5 on the Billboard R&B chart. The song describes the narrator anxiously waiting on his lover all night to return his calls so that she can meet him for romance. The music video was directed by Chris Robinson, and it wouldn’t be a Ginuwine video without a dance break.

Enjoy the throwback above.

  1. mon88 7 years ago

    This is still the jam. #ripstatic

  2. John 7 years ago

    Love Ginuwine. Same Ol’ G was on this album too. Classic!! I still have all his cds

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