Erykah Badu Releases All-Star Cast Black Western Film on TIDAL



The TIDAL exclusives are really rolling in now. From Beyoncé to Rihanna, major artists have been dropped singles and videos on Jay Z’s TIDAL streaming service this past weekend.

Erykah Badu joined in on the fun with the debut of the short Western film, They Die By Dawn.

The 50-minute movie, directed by The Bullitts’ Jeymes Samuels, portrays real-life experiences of African-American cowboys and cowgirls. The all-star cast includes Badu, Michael K. Williams, Rosario Dawson, Jesse Williams, Isaiah Washington, Giancarlo Esposito, Nate Parker, Bokeem Woodbine and Karry Lennix.

“In a town with no rules, four outlaws play a deadly game. Murder and mayhem ensue, TheyDieByDawn,” Badu wrote on her Facebook.

When talking to Life + Times in 2013 of the film, Samuels said, “I’m gonna assemble almost every single real character that existed and I’m [going to] assemble them like the Avengers and put them in one place at one time — in one of the first Black settlements post-slavery, 1890 in Langston, Oklahoma.”

[via Billboard]

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