Watch: Miguel Performs “Coffee” for Jack Daniels ‘Uncut’



You ever mixed a little whiskey in your coffee? Well Miguel kinda just told you to with his first performance of the single “Coffee,” off his much-anticipated third album Wildheart.

Teaming up with Jack Daniels for a special performance as part of their ‘Uncut Sessions’ series, the R&B maverick gathered his band and rocked out through a circular lens. They bypass the vibrant hues he sings about and choose a simple single black-and-white shot.

“This song is special because it kind of kicked off the album,” explained Miguel. “It really helped define the sound for the album. I was just really wanting to capture hope and desperation that is all over Los Angeles. That’s why the song in allegory kind of covers the beautiful parts, and then sonically it’s kind of darker.”

Check out Miguel’s performance below:

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