Video: Mark Ronson feat. Keyone Starr – I Can’t Lose



Mark Ronson really can’t lose, and he continues to prove it with the debut of the music video for “I Can’t Lose” with Keyone Starr. The latest single off the mega-producer’s new album Uptown Special, follows the massive smash “Uptown Funk,” and we love the direction Ronson took with this one.

In the slick visuals Ronson and Starr roll up in an old-fashioned car, surrounding by bright billboards and some prominent product placement. They perform at a ’70s-inspired speakeasy that’s fronting what looks to be an underground gambling ring, and it all culminates in a choreographed dance-off. But, it turns out that Ronson and Starr were pulling a fast one all along.

Check out the video below:

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