Video: Wynter Gordon – Bleeding Out



Singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon has returned with the brand new EP, Five Needle, released this week via Harvest Records. The soulful, heart-wrenching new project was influenced by legendary female singers including Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Tracy Chapman, but for Gordon, the project was principally about “growing as a person and really letting go of some old pain,” she told ELLE.

“I’m slowly getting back to where I’m supposed to be,” Gordon says. “I’m like Benjamin Button. I’m going backwards and I’m starting now where I should have been all along.”

The EP’s opening track is the sparse ballad “Bleeding Out,” which Wynter calls the “most vulnerable track on the EP.” Its lyrics draw inspiration from her first true love affair and, like nearly all of her music, resembles a “straight-on diary.”

Bringing those emotions to life, Wynter has unveiled the Jewel and Sarah McLachlan-inspired video, directed by Anthony Leonardi III. The visual was shot in a single day but—unlike Gordon’s natural impulse to be “way, way over the top”—is instead “small and simple.” Says Gordon: “We really just wanted to capture that ’90s Lilith Fair artist vibe.”

Check it out below:

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