D△wn Strips Down for PETA



D△wn, aka Dawn Richard, has been known to turn heads here and there with her music videos and bold looks, but now the ex-Danity Kane singer is baring it all as PETA’s new spokesperson for Body By Vegan.

In the ad campaign, she looks gorgeous while posing totally nude and biting a strawberry. Dawn’s vegan lifestyle was inspired by her father, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This caused her to do some research and better her health habits.

“My whole life has changed,” says Dawn, a self-described “avocado junkie.” “I get up earlier, I want to exercise, I feel better, my skin feels better—and these are things I didn’t even know [about vegan eating], coming from the south, coming from New Orleans.”

D△wn is currently readying RedemptionHeart, the third album in her trilogy, for an early 2016 release. Look out for a new single in September.

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