Syleena Johnson Announces “The Couples Therapy Tour”



That’s right, Syleena Johnson!

The ‘Couples Therapy‘ train is still moving and we’re happy to see it! Syleena has announced her “Couples Therapy Tour” and it will be kicking off on July 31 in St. Louis.

The tour will support Johnson’s latest album, Chapter 6: Couples Therapy, which is available now.

See if the tour will be coming to your city below:

“Couples Therapy” Tour Dates

Jul.31 — St. Louis, MO
Aug. 1 — Chicago
Aug. 8 — Richmond, VA
Aug. 15 — Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 18-22 — South Africa
Aug. 28 — New York City
Aug. 29 — Columbus, OH
Sept. 1 — Oakland, CA
Sept. 3 — Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 5 — Tulsa, OK
Sept. 18 — Wilmington, DE
Sept. 25 — Washington, DC.
Sept. 26 — Washington, DC
Sept. 27 — Washington, DC
Oct. 10 — Jackson, MS

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