Watch: Miguel Premieres ‘Wildheart’ Short Musical Film (Chapter 1)



Miguel is on a mission to abstain from normality, and the R&B rock star continues to prove it with each new release.  To coincide with the debut of his well-anticipated third studio album, Wildheart, the talented artist has premiered a short musical film, separated into multiple parts, to deliver unique visuals for the tracks off the project.

Choosing “…goingtohell,” “coffee,” and “NWA” to be the first to receive a seductive treatment, the nearly 13-minute production finds Miguel going through the motions with a lover. From playing rough to having sweet coffee in the morning to the next day, the unexpected piece is a perfect visual addition to the already soul touching album.

Fair warning though: you might wanna call your boo up for a night cap after watching this.

Check it out below:

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