New Music: Eryn Allen Kane – Slipping



Burgeoning artist Eryn Allen Kane has blessed us with a brand new song, following her very impressive debut single “Have Mercy.”

The new track, entitled “Slipping,” is a brooding, soulful number of varied emotion off her anticipated forthcoming EP Aviary, due out later this year. Eryn delivers a variance of remorse for a failed relationship and enthusiasm for the future.

“Thought that I would find your glow / I just cry because I know that love is your friend, and that friend is me / But you never noticed,” she sings.

It’s hard to say if this is a song better suited for falling in or out of love, and she deigned to define it further: “I’d like for people to choose what it means to them. It’s important that I give that freedom to the listener,” she told The FADER.

Take a listen below:

  1. MoneyMayweather 8 years ago

    she’s slipping yall

  2. John 8 years ago

    My gosh her voice is greeat

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