Listen: Roman GianArthur Releases ‘OK LADY’ (EP)



Wondaland Records is on a pilgrimage to deliver authentic, quality music from a roster of unique, gifted artists.

Wasting no time following the release of their debut project The Eephus EP, and a brief tour, rising singer-songwriter Roman GianArthur drops his solo EP ‘OK LADY.’

The 6-track project finds Roman giving us his personal take on some of his favorite artist’s tracks, including D’Angelo (“All:Need”) and Radiohead (“Paran:d”). The collection boasts a juxtaposed sound of rock and soul with keen vocal delivery. We get to hear the amazing Janelle Monae on “No Surpr:ses,” before he closes the project with the psychedelic ballad “Send:ton.”

Stream Roman’s new project below:

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