Video: Lipstick Gypsy – The Cure



Emerging funk/soul band Lipstick Gypsy waste no time in between releases.  After grabbing our attention with their sexy debut single “Infatuation,” the duo follow it up with a video for new song “The Cure.”

Strolling through the streets of NYC the fellas keep things simple and timeless as they adhere to a love heals all policy. Meeting up with their ladies for a walk on the pier at sunset, vocalist John Thomas sings out: “So sick of the loneliness, and moving on to the next / I’m stayin right here, I think your love might be the cure.”

The group started out as just a one-time collaboration between John and producer Chris Liggio, but their chemistry was too good to just stop there. Chris, who has worked with everyone from JAY Z to Nicki Minaj, says that their sound is an extension of what’s already in his own heart and soul.

“If you cut me open this is what you’ll find,” explains Chris. “I love chord structures and groove is everything to me so this is what I naturally do. I sit down and this comes out, as opposed to working with other artists in the past and trying to tailor something to a specific person. This is more natural.”

Check out the video below:

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