Indie: Aric Mayo Releases Video for New Single “Love Unconditional”



Maybe it’s too early to group indie artist Aric Mayo with Virginia’s R&B legends like Trey Songs and Chris Brown, but he is definitely keeping the flame of VA soul burning. The up-and-coming singer/songwriter is making noise with his new single “Love Unconditional,” and this brother is bringing that old thang back with a twist of feel-good soul.

Singing, “I know I messed up last year and hurt you so bad, caused tears / I made mistakes but you forgave,” Aric gives his all to win his woman back. You can tell by his lyrics that he knows the essence of what R&B is about.

“Love Unconditional” is the first single from his forthcoming album Soulidified. He hopes it will help get you through the cuffing season while he puts the finishing touches on the album, slated for early 2016.

Check out the video below, and if you are feeling it you can pick up the single on iTunes and all digital retailers now.

For more info check out and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @aricsinger.

  1. Jimmy 6 years ago

    Not hatin’, but the only thing that makes this song is the hook and the production, and Aric Mayo had nothing to do with either. That’s my man Tone Jonez on the hook/production and you can hear Mayo very slightly in the background singing underneath of it… key. You can also tell a distinct difference in the hook and the verses because this dude’s singing is just not on point. Just youtube love unconditional and you can hear like 10 different versions of this same song just with different verses. At least give some credit where it’s due, homie.

  2. YUmadSon? 6 years ago

    I took the time to do the research on what you said and I did find this song for sale by the producer you mentioned. The producer has a number of tracks for sale, no different than any producer who might use a sample. I don’t think that the producer is singing the verses and they sound great to me. I mean I am sure this Aric Mayo expects some criticism of his song. But you went all into the origin of the song like you know dude personally. If the producer has the song available with the hook for purchase, what do you care? There are a number of songs with remixes and different versions all over Youtube. So what was your point dude? I will give you some credit for being a hater. And where is your version of the song? Oh and I’m not hatin…

  3. 88 6 years ago

    Nice premise but all of that talk/rap singing ruined what could have been a great song. Why is it so hard for ppl to just sing?!

  4. Jimmy 6 years ago

    Thanks for the credit! And just to be clear, I never said Tone was singing the verses. Second of all, you are correct, the producer has the song available for purchase with the hook, so anyone that puts up the money can use it….fair game. But Aric is straight fronting in the video like that’s him on the hook and all I’m saying is that he could have at least credited the person actually singing in that portion of the song. Third, if the verses don’t sound off to you, you might want to look up the number for your nearest Audiologist…….and yes, now I am hatin’. Good day, sir.

  5. @therealTank 6 years ago

    I just heard this song on the radio here in ATL and this shit goes hard. I don’t give a fuck who singing it all of it sounds nice. Its good to hear something that is not all auto-tuned up. Black artist out here making good music and folks straight hating like some lil females. Googled this song and its everywhere. People with no talent always criticize. Fuck boys sitting round throwing shade..smdh

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