Listen: Lyfe Jennings Covers Adele’s “Hello” From ‘Hood Perspective’



Lyfe Jennings remains one of the most compelling artists in R&B today. Joining in the massive amount of artists inspired by Adele’s comeback and her mega hit “Hello,” the soulful crooner has offered up a unique take on the commanding ballad.

“I just wanted to rewrite “Hello” from a hood perspective,” said Lyfe. “If u from there you understand why I went there..some people say it’s a suicide song. It is. I’m killing the old me who couldn’t love a woman right, the old me that was in the streets, saying goodbye to old friends who delight in the old me. Giving birth to a new Lyfe.”

Take a listen to his cover below.

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  1. Judy Winfree 7 years ago

    I can’t h
    elp but miss my brother everytime I hear this song…
    Anyone that knew my brother knows he had a God-given talent of making you feel like you were the most important person in the room when he was talking to you.
    My brother was an amazing talent, an amazing writer, an amazing poet, and an amazing singer…
    My brother, DJ was so much more than his drug addiction.
    And if the truth be told, anyone that reads this knows a ‘DJ’… somewhere!!!
    Your ‘DJ’ might be a brother, sister, mother or father… YOU may be ‘DJ’…
    Just know this:
    ‘DJ’ will never lose his/her value in the eyes of God no matter what other people say!!!
    #MustBeNice #RUDJ? #TellMe @JudyWinfree #MadeUpMyMind

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