New Music: Isa – Take It Slow


Isa Take It Slow

Leave it to the great singers and songwriters of our day to express heartache, life transitions, and growth in the most poignant fashion. Classically trained, Bronx-born and bred singer/songwriter Isa takes a page from two of her biggest musical inspirations Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in her brand new, beautifully heartfelt ballad “Take It Slow.”

Showcasing her powerful vocal ability, the song serves as the lead single off her forthcoming sophomore EP.

“‘Take it Slow’ was a song that I literally wrote and arranged within the matter of an hour,” explains Isa. “I was going through a separation from someone I was truly in love with, and the day I wrote ‘Take it Slow’ was the first day I had some time off to be home with myself to digest the situation and being left for someone else. There is no resolution by the end. It’s literally a song about being still. There is no right or wrong move, there’s nothing really to do but let life flow naturally no matter how painful it may feel to not have a solid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at the time.”

Isa is currently prepping the release of her sophomore project Mirrors Volume I. Take a listen to her stirring new ballad below.

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