Watch: Newcomer Rebel Rae Premieres “Good Vibes” Video



Newcomer Rebel Rae wants to show you how she celebrates in the video premiere of her playful single “Good Vibes.”

Born and raised in northern Virginia, the talented singer-songwriter says, “Good Vibes is how I’d want it to be if I got all my people together to celebrate.”

Inspired by her eclectic and diverse group of friends in both LA and DC. She envisioned a song that incorporates the feel of the 90s, the Gogo sound of DC, and the chill of her LA lifestyle. Shooting the video gave her creative freedom to perfect her ’90s kickback fantasy. She threw an actual party for the video, having her friends perform and play background.

Signed to First East Circular, Rebel Rae is writing and recording her debut album, which is coming soon.

Check out the video below.

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