New Music: Wade Hampton – “Make Ya Say” + “GAMES”



The Trap Soul era is in full swing, and 19-year-old Wade Hampton is giving us his take on the infectious style that so many are loving lately!

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Wade recently released two stand-out tracks that are the perfect introduction to who he is as an artist. “Make Ya Say” is a mid-tempo track about him trying to get a girl to come home with him by telling her all the things he could do that would make her feel good. The song features an audio clip from the movie Hitch, starring Will Smith, that brings up the question of whether or not women realize how hard it is for a guy to approach a girl, and tell her that he genuinely likes her.

Similar to how Drake likes to recount conversations in his songs, Hampton sings the verses of “Make Ya Say” as if he can remember word for word what he whispered in his crush’s ear the night he knew that they should go home together.

“Games” has a different tone for Wade, but it still deals with the same topic. His songs are centered around the idea of figuring out how to get the girl he wants, but doesn’t have. On this track, Hampton questions whether or not the girl he’s dating is truly into him, or if she’s just playing games. Leading into the chorus, it’s clear that he’s tired of getting mixed signals from this girl. “I wanna call you baby/ Girl, show you that I can give you the world/ But you don’t want it/ Pretending you have these feelings/ Now I’m all caught up in what you’re saying, what you’re faking,” he sings.

It seems like Wade Hampton is definitely a bit of a hopeless romantic, but his songs are sure to help you get in touch with your emotional side.

Check out the tracks below.


Words by Jamila Wright


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