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Elijah Blake is back with another banger!

Returning today with the visuals for his current single, “Whatever Happened,” the singer/songwriter reminisces about a past relationship full of lost potential while he sings on a canoe in the middle of a river!

During the verses of the song, we’re shown images of the girl he’s singing about while she smokes, drinks, and parties with him and her friends during a crazy weekend at SXSW. The images of the infamous festival in Austin, TX are characteristically blurry to mimic his memory of the relationship, and provide a sense of nostalgia that seems to be associated with the drug and alcohol filled weekend.

As Blake questions “Whatever happened” of the relationship that blossomed out of the paradise that is Austin, the video gives us an inside look into the street culture of SXSW. He promises that if he had the chance, “I was ’bout to pull you out that dorm and put you up in a suite/ It could have happened.” In the end, when we see him in a series of shots alone, he sings, “Tried to show you love but I guess that’s some sh*t that you just can’t teach back.” All he can do is wonder what would have happened if she would have let him love her.

Check out Elijah’s new video below, and if you haven’t heard it yet, check out his recent mixtape Blueberry Vapors here.

Words by Jamila Wright

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  1. Light year 8 years ago

    Heavy Frank Ocean vibe.

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