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  1. Nikol Thomas 8 years ago

    ThisisRnB.com, that was a VERY GENEROUS review of Usher’s performance lastnight. I have to be honest… Usher’s performance was less than great. It was lack luster at best. He wasn’t singing and didn’t do much dancing which is what you expect to get at an Usher concert. Seriously, if I knew the expectation was for the fans to sing 75% of the songs, I would have prepared better (that was sarcasm). His special guests were more appreciated than he judging by the thunderous roars from the audience when they entered the stage. Honestly, Bryson Tiller’s performance WAS the show. His fans were thoroughly entertained. His fans were definitely vibing with him and singing ALONG WITH HIM. They knew EVERY word to EVERY song. On the other hand, Usher’s fans LEFT THE CONCERT EARLY!!! I could not believe what I was seeing. People were actually leaving the Staples Center midway through his performance. Sad. I definitely left feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. Usher is better than this. What the hell happened?

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