Watch: TLC Join Zoe Saldana for “No Scrubs” on ‘Lip Sync Battle’



Zoe Saldana don’t want “No Scrubs.”

The Hollywood actress was the latest star to appear on Spike TV’s popular show “Lip Sync Battle,” and she brought a big surprise. Donning full TLC gear–the silver, metallic outfit the legendary trio wore in the “No Scrubs” music video–she paid homage to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, but she didn’t come alone. Zoe surprised the audience as Chilli and T-Boz joined her for the unbeatable performance.

The remaining members of TLC, who are currently working on their Kickstarter-funded final album, even stayed with Zoe to watch her face-off against actor Zachary Quinto, her Star Trek Beyond co-star. Quinto also shocked with a jaw-dropping rendition of Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On,” including a replica of Missy’s rhinestone-filled denim outfit.

But that wasn’t all. Zoe also performed Twenty One Pilots’ “Stressed Out” and Zachary rocked out to George Michael’s “Freedom ’90,” with a cameo from Cindy Crawford.

Watch them duke it out with TLC vs. Missy below.

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