Watch: Maxwell Makes Surprise Appearance During Proposal on ‘Steve Harvey Show’


On Wednesday (Feb. 1), Steve Harvey welcomed Nehemiah, a 2016 Neighborhood Award recipient for “Good Neighbor of the Year.” Nehemiah grew up in the toughest of circumstances, but after realizing he was going down a bad path, he changed his ways and now runs a foundation and community center to help the people of his community.

Today, he asked Steve for his help with another big life change. Nehemiah wants to propose to his girlfriend of five years, Silvina.

Silvina is under the impression that they are on the show to talk about the charity work, but she’s in for the surprise of her life, as Steve helped set the mood for one of the most romantic proposals. To make the proposal extra special, Steve arranged a surprise visit from Silvina’s favorite artist, MAXWELL!

Watch the happy moment below.

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