Watch: Omarion Releases Video for New Single “Distance”


One week since releasing the video for his sexy song “BDY On Me,” Omarion is back with his second new single of the month, “Distance.”

Also shot in South Africa, the R&B star shares a deeper look into the landscape of the homeland with a stunning visual. Dancing on a lush mountain top with wildlife all around, O enjoys the scenery and meets up with a some locals in traditional garb.

Omarion then joins the tribal dancers in a special ceremony, with a shield and spear in hand, he gets up close with one of the beautiful female dancers while singing: “So much distance between our bodies.”

“This is not just for the C U L T U R E. This is for the human race. Look beyond & you’ll get the message,” Omarion tweeted about the video.

The visuals end with “to be continued” as Omarion has one more video from South Africa on the way. “Distance” is the latest single off his forthcoming album Reasons, which follows his 2014 LP Sex Playlist.

Check out the single and video below.

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