Video: DJ Premier & Miguel – 2 Lovin U


DJ Premier and Miguel gave fans a great surprise in February with the release of their collaborative single “2 Lovin U.”

Now, the two have debuted an official music video for the bangin’ collaboration, which was birthed out of their early sessions for Miguel’s Wildheart album. A completely different version of the song, entitled “damned,” ended up on the album’s deluxe edition.

In the video, the R&B maverick and Hip Hop legend perform together in a warehouse as rays of light shoot around Miguel and Premo’s scratching. In additional scenes, couples are shown embracing and kissing in the shadows, and later they are highlighted in the warehouse behind Miguel.

Speaking about the creation of the song in his recent interview with ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Premier explained: “[Miguel] just started playing these guitar licks and I just started tapping the drum live. I didn’t even know Miguel could play guitar. I said, ‘That’s good. Let me take that.’ Programmed it. He sits at his desk, records, Pro-Tools it. I was like, ‘Wow.’ He’s standing up, screaming and all that. I’m watching how he does it. The song gets done, but it never got to the process where we could put it out through RCA.”

Since he always wanted to release this version, Premo got Miguel and the label’s permission, and he released it as part of his new label, To the Top.

Check out the video below.

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