New Music: Xavier White – Unforgettable (French Montana Remix)


Xavier White sprinkled some magic on this one!

The NYC-based singer/songwriter added a special touch to French Montana’s new single “Unforgettable.” White’s remix is all about a relationship gone wrong when he does the “unthinkable” and cheats on his lady. And unlike the original, where French and Swae Lee are trying to win women over, X uses this song to be vulnerable and honest.

“I tell myself all my jealousy, puts a lot of doubt on me / I see there’s no other way, but to fuck around the other way,” Xavier sings. “I’m doin’ her, doin’ her so dirty / She can tell I’m not the only one / I don’t bring her ’round no more.”

This remix could definitely be re-titled “Unthinkable” and we wouldn’t be mad at it.

Check out the track below.

-Words by Jamila Wright

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