Buzzing Artist YMTK Debuts “Undivided” Video


Approaching futuristic R&B from a Hip-Hop state of mind, buzzing Los Angeles-via-Oakland artist ymtk premieres the music video for “Undivided.”

Showing the full potential of his vocals over a bass-heavy and ethereal instrumental courtesy of producer Ekzakt, ymtk is at his most romantic on the sensual slow jam from his brand new project, 9Song.Wav. The EP is a funky and ethereal exploration of the different shades of love.

“The concept of the song is pretty straight forward. I want all the attention I can get from the special lady in my life and nothing else matters but that,” ymtk previously explained. “I go about it in a clever way saying stuff like ‘multiply it I need it all’ suggesting that just a little bit isn’t enough, nothing else around me matters, and that she should ‘double up’ the dose. I need all of her ‘undivided’ attention tonight.”

Taking a DIY inspired approach to the visuals, the clip features shots of ymtk filming his female muse with a handheld camcorder. They are seen relaxing at home with just a couple drink and each others company. However, whenever ymtk puts down the camera, she disappears.

Born and raised in Oakland, ymtk started making music in the heyday of the Hyphy movement. Though he loved the music of the movement, the vibes that he created did not quite fit with the regional style, so he relocated to Los Angeles to make the smooth hybrid of rap and R&B that he is known for today.

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