Jordan Bratton Shares New Track & Video “Spaces”


Jordan Bratton is back with his third new release in a month’s time, following “Pieces” and “Sunsets.” His latest is personal and reflective tale of insecurities with giving and receiving love.

Speaking about his inspiration behind the song, the singer/songwriter/producer says: “Deep down I never felt like I was good enough for anybody really. Always had many unrequited love issues that took over my outcomes with companionship. When I was listening back to the reference, I remember thinking how oblivious I was to the signs of my heart slipping into a coma. I wasn’t aware of the fact that it was affecting me in the worst way.”

The “Spaces” video, directed by Ben Elias and James Dayton and shot in Brooklyn, is emotive and cinematic, bringing to life Jordan’s storytelling.

“There is something special about this video because it isn’t very theatrical, but it still has a theme of resolution,” shares Bratton. “It’s one of the most heartfelt things I’ve seen in a while and I’m not just saying that because I’m a part of it.”

On the video director Ben Elias adds: “We tuned more into the track’s airy, spiritual quality, and decided that we wanted to do something more abstract. We channeled that feeling into the character of the young boy, who holds this age-old wisdom, rather than childlike innocence, as he drifts between different places and times. Hopefully we did justice to such a heartfelt song. Cheers to Jordan and the team for giving us so much freedom with the concept.”

“Spaces,” both written and produced by Jordan, is the third offering from his forthcoming Driver’s Ed mixtape, which is due out this fall via Rebirth Entertainment/1009 Records/RCA Records.

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