Listen: Buzzing Artist ymtk Releases New Project ‘9Song.Wav’


Known for his wavy fusion of R&B and hip-hop, buzzing artist ymtk’s music is the perfect soundtrack to California’s endless summer. Returning with a new addictive full-length project, ymtk shares 9Song.Wav, a funky and ethereal exploration of the different shades of love.

As lyrically sharp as it is sonically colorful, 9Song.Wav finds the Oakland native flexing his songwriting muscles, using complex metaphors and clever symbolism to dive deep into relationship drama, carefree young love, and everything in between.

Featuring pre-released tracks like the guitar-inflected beach anthem “Confetti,” sensual slow jam “Undivided,” and the P-Lo-featuring club banger “In This Moment,” 9Song.Wav is a welcome burst of sunshine that will buoy listeners through the year’s darker and colder months.

“I wanted to create a narrative without it being confined to traditional story method of having a beginning, middle, & end,” explains ymtk. “I’m a huge Quentin Tarantino fan and Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies. I love the way Tarantino shot some his films in non-chronological order. Almost every song written on 9Song.Wav uses entendres to interpret new love, relationships, and situations that accompany those things. From the feeling of having chosen the right one in ‘Confetti’ to becoming a more loving individual and wanting to spread that feeling in ‘Show Love,’ that’s what love can do to you. I explore the honeymoon stage on ‘Undivided,’ “More Faded’ and ‘Sweet.’ ‘Toss It’ and ‘In This Moment’ represent the impulsive desire that sparks a new connection. The goal was to hit you with a wave of 9 songs that flowed naturally, but always offered a slight twist. Kinda like Tarantino.”

Take a listen below:

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