Bryson Tiller Announces New Mixtape Coming Soon


Pen Griffey is readying his first-ever mixtape.

Just six months after dropping his sophomore album True to Self, Bryson Tiller has announced that he has a mixtape on the way.

The first taste of the project comes by way of “Birmingham,” his remix to YBN Nahmir’s “Rubbin Off the Paint.” Tiller turns the Alabama anthem into a U.K. tribute while in the midst of his “Set It Off Tour” across the pond.

“You fast food R&B, that’s too bland for me,” he raps. “She a freak, oh, she gon’ do that with two hands for me / She never f**ked a rapper, she gon’ take a chance for me / I go beast mode / Ni**a, God Tiller, know that’s me, ho.”

The Louisville slugger also uses the opportunity to announce his new project. Before the song ends, he raps: “Don’t you love when ni**as hate on the sh*t they can’t make / I got a lot to say, I should drop a mixtape / F**k it, that sh*t is on the way.”

This past week, Tiller tweeted that he was in “mixtape mode,” but the as-yet untitled effort doesn’t have a release date yet.

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