Indie: David Wayne Debuts “One 4 Me” Video


Social technology has completely disrupted our dating culture. With a variety of apps that can match users or let us vainly match ourselves for an intimate hook-up, the instant gratification agenda doesn’t ultimately align with making lasting connections.

Hot off the heels of his recent EP, BAPTISM, rising indie artist David Wayne expresses his feelings on the current state of dating app culture, while criticizing his own choices on “One 4 Me.”

Debuting today (Nov. 24), as the first visual off the project, the singer/songwriter croons for the cameras in a dimly lit space and from his apartment window. “When am I ever gonna find the one that’s right for me? / Someone understanding, undemanding, am I asking for too much love?” he sings.

When reflecting back on the record David says, “I was really frustrated with dating at the time. I found a girl I was interested in but we both were so stuck in the dating app culture that we didn’t realize what we had before it was too late. I kinda miss dating before all these apps, it felt so much more organic and simple.”

BAPTISM is available on all digital music platforms now. Check out the “One 4 Me” video above. For more info visit and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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