Indie: Emerging Artist Star Martin Releases New Single “PRE GAME”


Po’ up, light up! Emerging indie artist Star Martin sets the mood to turn up with her brand new single “PRE GAME.”

The R&B singer-songwriter was born into and raised by a family of musicians, who groomed her diva potential through her preteen years. Unlike the cliché story of having a voice developed in a small town Baptist Church, Star’s vocal expertise was cultivated by years of studio experience. With Beyoncé as her inspiration and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC as her mentor/God Mother, Star based her approach on authenticity, heritage, and real experiences.

Taking a fun, carefree approach to her new single, Star collaborated with Grammy award-winning producer Jo “CAPO” Kent and Rill Noize on the high-spirited record. Star’s intention of crafting a ladies anthem, for as the title says “pre-gaming,” is masterfully evident and illuminated by her sultry tone.

“Bet I got these n**gas slippin, keep ’em swinging at my curves / Patrón in my system, playing Scrabble with my words,” she sings. “It’s the pregame (pregame), for the weekend (weekend) / It’s a movie at the house / F**kin’ up the couch / Bottles goin ’round.”

Star is currently in the studio working on her upcoming EP release. Take a listen to “PRE GAME” below:

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