Listen: Austin Brown Returns with New EP ‘Canyon Sessions’


Welcome back Austin Brown!!

It doesn’t feel like it but nearly 5 years have passed since the singer/songwriter/producer released his acclaimed project Highway 85.

For the past year or so, Austin has been performing a string of acoustic shows and mini residencies in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. That experience provided much musical therapy for Brown, who has finally premiered his anticipated new EP, Canyon Sessions. Preceded by the lighthearted but emotive single “Smile,” the 8-track project finds him more vulnerable than ever before with themes of heartbreak, mistakes, and reflections.

“‘Canyon Sessions’ represents my most personal work, all based off of the acoustic writing process,” Austin explains to ThisisRnB. “I can say whatever is on my mind through my instruments and these stories are what’s been going on in my life the last four years since ‘Highway 85.’ Heartbreaks, mistakes and reflections.”

Setting that story line right on top, the opening song “Rest of My Life,” defines his impassioned sorrow over a breakup that inspired the work. “Spent 2 years we haven’t said two words / You moved on with a life / I’ve let it burn,” sings Brown. Crafting the music with Brian London, Tommy Parker and Roland Garcia, the project carries a heavy emotional weight throughout. Although, tracks like “Body” with its cool jazz stylings allow him to escape in the blissful memories. The aptly titled “She’s Not For You” features a whopping bassline that bears the feeling of a hopeful recovery as he references the advice of his late father. Meanwhile, a Pharrell-esque chant on the bridge encourages him to erase the pain.

Austin went acoustic with this effort to release his emotions in the best format that fit his moods. However, the gifted singer-songwriter has much more music on the way coming soon. In the meantime, take a trip with him through the Canyon Sessions below.

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