Watch: Kirby Performs “VAIN” Live In Studio


Roc Nation songwriter and burgeoning artist KIRBY premiered her brand new song “VAIN” at the end of October and received high praise of us and others.

The songstress’ gifts for writing always shines through in her work, but she greatly deploys her vocals on the emotional ballad. Now, she puts it on display visually with a casual in-studio live performance.

Set up in a dimly lit, brick walled room, Kirby is joined by an electric guitar player who lets his strings wail in complimentary tone to her raw, bluesy vocals.

“Something tells me that after I do this I won’t feel the same / It ain’t drugs, it ain’t lust, but it feels like it’s numbing my pain,” she sings. “I’ve been hurt for so long I forgot to love, is that strange? / Something tells me you know what I mean and you feel the same.”

Speaking about the powerfully honest declaration, Kirby says: “I never expected to take this much time between ‘Loved By You’ and now, but I guess there was just a lot of growing that I needed to do. I learned that I was really profiting from my brokenness as a songwriter, and as an artist as well you get rewarded for not being whole, because you write great music out of your pain.”

Check out her outstanding performance above.

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  1. carol bennett 6 years ago

    I was mesmerized by Kirby’s voice after hearing her on the blue Nile commercial, researched and found out her name, so how do we get her music? She is awesome!

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