Louis York Release “What Does Christmas Mean?” feat. The Shindellas Video


Louis York ring in the holidays early this year with the music video for “What Does Christmas Mean?” featuring The Shindellas.

An unexpected treat off their new EP, Masterpiece Theater: Act III, the song is a modern yuletide gem with classic doo-wop stylings that is a perfect holiday party starter.

The visual is set up in a magical glimmering room. Claude Kelly handles the lead vocals, while Chuck Harmony provides the festive, dance-ready groove on the keys. Emerging female trio The Shindellas handle background harmonies and add their own solos, offering an infectious compliment to Claude.

“There’ll be snow on the ground / There’ll be lights in the trees / There’ll be love all around / But if you’re not with me / Tell me what does Christmas mean?” he sings. The ladies follow him adding: “I know you can’t be here this year / But understand, when you’re gone I feel no cheer, in my heart.”

Including a message to fans with the video, Louis York said: “Encompassing all things showbiz! Glitz, glam, expression, emotion, and a message built within the essence of the holidays. With the Shindellas we’re here to welcome you into the Christmas spirit our way.”

Get into the holiday spirit with the video above.

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