Miguel Breaks Down “Sky Walker” On Genius’ ‘Verified’


Miguel‘s new album War & Leisure is dropping at the top of December, and it’s set to include the Los Angeles singer’s recent single “Sky Walker.” The Travis Scott-assisted track first dropped back in August and has slowly been rising in popularity. As Miguel explains, the track represents new ground for him, while still staying true to the music he’s known for.

“My favorite musicians and artists and producers, they always found a way to make their new inspiration and influence their own and to add their layers and textures to it, and even evolve it a little,” he tells Genius. “That’s the interesting thing about watching people really grab onto this song is that it’s like a case and point. It was like, ‘Man, you tried something new for yourself.’ And it’s not that it’s like…it’s not progressive, but for me it’s different. And for my fans it’s different… It’s just wanting to even remind myself sometimes, you just gotta go for it.”

Miguel recently sat down with Genius for the latest episode of their video series ‘Verified’ where he broke down the rising track. Watch him go line-for-line about “Sky Walker” featuring Travis Scott in the video above.

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