Listen: Kameron Corvet Releases ‘Early Riser’ EP


Singer/songwriter Kameron Corvet has finally returned with a brand new project, in the form of the Early Riser EP.

The follow-up to 2014’s Darker Than Grey EP offers a look into Corvet’s stance on all things love, including past relationships, being alone, and moving forward. The 9-track project includes production by Grammy-winning producer Bryan-Michael Cox, Pierre Medor, Kennard Garrett, Valley and Red Pill.

“It’s a lamenting EP that evaluates the failures and successes I’ve had in relationships and how those romances have led me to this point in my life,” explains Corvet. “This collection of songs finds me alone, on a late-night drive, contemplating my next move.”

From the first chords of “Throw The Rest Away,” which combines electric guitars, live bass and a sultry saxophone, while underscoring a moment in which Corvet warns a lover to forget about the fantasies of a long-term relationship; to the slick vocals and word play on the trap-n-B musical stylings of “Heaven” to “C’est Comme Ç a (It’s Like That)” where Corvet, a francophone, uses both French and English to describe what sets a relationship with him apart from one with others.

While most of Early Riser keeps listeners in a state of limbo—the moments where night and morning intersect— there is also a moment of awakening that occurs in which Corvet acknowledges his state of contentment or dissatisfaction with regard to relationships. This space is illustrated on songs like “Dear Life,” which describes a former lover trying to return when success is looming; “All to Myself,” a ballad based on the do or die attitude of running away with the one you love; and “Be Ready,” the EP’s final track, which acts as a warning to the inevitable heartbreak that is often a part of looking for true love.

Overall, expect a guitar-heavy journey jam-packed with acoustic songs as well as those rooted in soupy, electric chords and riffs that will fill your ears and your soul with the signature Rock & Soul sound that has become synonymous with Corvet.

Take a listen below:

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