New Video: Trevor Jackson – NightTime (Pt. II)


Trevor Jackson comes alive in the second part of his music video for “NightTime.” After teasing fans with the dark and creepy first part, where the singer/actor appears to be a creature of the night, Jackson sexes up the new visual.

Performing the smooth banger behind metal fencing and in a rocky area, the dangerous persona inside him comes out through his creepy eyes. Continuing some of the relationship story from the first half of the video, Trevor has dinner with his love interest, and watches her swim while he hides from the sun under an umbrella.

“In the night time, I know you feel it babe / All this sinning, there ain’t no forgiveness when I’m in it babe / In the night time,” he sings.

Unable to help herself, Trevor’s female co-star leaves his secret room unlocked and Jackson turns her into a vampiress while she sleeps. Upon realizing her fate he provides her with matching black sunglasses as they begin their eternal life together.

Check out the sexy Dracula-inspired video above.

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