Premiere: Fall In Love With 630’s ‘Eternity’ EP


If you’ve been missing that good love in R&B, don’t fret; 630 is bringing it all the way back.

Making their debut on ThisisRnB last year with the sultry single “2ofUs,” the incredibly talented husband-wife duo are back with their first EP of the year, Eternity. Though only featuring three songs, the project will take you on a ride through love land and remind you that an eternity with your one and only isn’t as farfetched as the world makes it seem.

Both delivering flawless vocals against a hypnotizing beat with the title track “Eternity,” Josh and Angelica’s chemistry is admired, appreciated, and needed for R&B. Following up with “Around the World” — which displays Josh’s top tier talent — and Angelica’s tantalizing solo “The Way That I Love You,” Eternity is just the predecessor to all that we can expect from the lovable duo for 2018.

Stream the EP via Spotify below and if you’re feeling it, you can pick it up on iTunes now.

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  1. Moses stone 5 years ago

    Nice track. Thanks for sharing.

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