Listen: Kima (of Total) Launches Solo Career with New Single “Luv Me Back”


Life is all about pursuing what makes you feel alive inside, and for former Bad Boy artist, Kima, singing has always been that “thing” for her. After being a member of girl group, Total, for over two decades, the R&B songstress is making a blazing return with the debut of her new solo single “Luv Me Back.”

“Although Total’s last album was released in 1996, we never stopped performing throughout the years,” states Kima. “Each time I hit the stage, I was reminded that my heart and soul truly belonged to music, so I’m finally back in the studio and I couldn’t be happier!”

Kima is firing on all cylinders, as she expresses her disappointment in falling for a love that wasn’t real, and giving her all in a relationship where the love wasn’t returned, on her new single “Luv Me Back.”

“I guess I messed up and fell for a picture so perfect, I thought it was real,” she sings. “But I couldn’t tell, no / I guess I thought that my moving image would one day learn how to be still, but that wasn’t realistic.”

“Luv Me Back” will be officially released on all digital music stores and streaming platforms on February 28th. It is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Kima is excited to serenade listener’s with some of that good, old-school, heart-healing R&B music, so be on the lookout for much more from her this year!

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