Watch: Eric Bellinger Releases Epic “G.O.A.T 2.0” Video with Wale & Teyana Taylor


Shorty is the fix.

Eric Bellinger celebrates the greatest he’s ever had with the anticipated music video for his buzzing hit single “G.O.A.T. 2.0” featuring Wale.

The epic, Facet-directed visual was filmed in downtown Los Angeles and opens with the R&B crooner locked up behind bars. Next, we see his leading lady, played by none-other than Teyana Taylor, strutting down the street in a full-length floral coat, black leather gloves and Gucci sunglasses. Wale opens the track with a brief message to his woman. “All hail to my favorite lady / And I would elevate your name but I’m saying you’re already an angel,” he says, and Eric follows with the infectious hook. “Shawty bad, slim, thick / She my drug, she my fix / And I’m all up in her mix / She be mixin’ with the wrist,” he melodically emotes in a rap-sing style.

In some scenes detectives try and get information out of Bellinger in a police station, and in others he’s back in his cell getting a goat tattooed on his forearm. After Wale and others are unsuccessful getting the crooner to talk, his ‘slim, thick’ vixen robs the station in disguise as a female officer.

Previously speaking about the record to Billboard, Eric said that his fans chose to remix “G.O.A.T” and when he thought about who he wanted to recruit for the remix, “my first thought was to hit my brother Wale.” He adds that he and Wale “got a special chemistry the world needs.”

Wale followed up by praising Eric as “one of the hardest working people in our business” and compared the singer’s work ethic to the legendary James Brown. “If he could dance, he’d certainly be James Brown 2020. But he takes his time writing for other artists. Any record he believes in, I want to be a part of.”

“G.O.A.T. 2.0” is currently climbing the radio charts. Fans of Eric Bellinger can expect a lot of new music this year, including a brand new album! Check out the video above.

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