Watch: H.E.R. Explains Mysterious Identity, Talks Music & Performs Unreleased Song “Uninvited”


The artist known as H.E.R. has become one of today’s brightest new R&B artists. However, stardom based on who she is or how she looks was her crux to oppose. Allowing fans the objective of figuring out her identity, while still partially hiding her face allows the songstress to fully devote her energy to her craft and artistic expression.

While most fans know her to be Gabi Wilson, the acronym H.E.R. ironically stands for ‘Having Everything Revealed.’ Sitting down for one of her first on-camera interviews with Big Boy TV’s Ayyde, the secretive singer-songwriter finally opened up about her musical upbringing, choice to hide her face, the meaning behind her name and much more.

“I decided to have it stand for ‘Having Everything Revealed’ ’cause everything is revealed in my music,” says H.E.R. “That’s the message, that’s the important part, not so much of who I am or where I’m from. All that doesn’t matter ’cause I think that we’re all connected in some way. We all go through the same things.”

Additionally, she spoke about her relationship with Bryson Tiller, who she opened up for on his “Set It Off Tour,” and working with Daniel Caesar on their popular duet “Best Part.”

Watch the full interview and performance below!

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