Indie: Shakeel Rises To New Heights with Debut Single “Gravity”


Indie artist Shakeel is rising to new heights with the release of his debut single “Gravity.”

Hailing from the Bay Area, the R&B singer’s music has the ability to entrance listeners, turning even the worst of moods to the best of vibes with every melodic note.

Teaming up with rapper Nef the Pharaoh, an uncontrollable attraction is the theme of his seductive single. Shakeel muses about a night in the strip club where a special dancers abilities on the pole lures and pulls him in like the phenomenon of gravity.

“Front row seat she gon’ put it in my face,” he sings. “She be lookin’ back when she rock that sh*t / Show a n**ga something baby earn them tips.”

In the midst of this new release, Shakeel hopes to propel his sensual yet upbeat single to the top of the charts. He is planning to stand out not only as a musician, but an actor and CEO of his clothing brand, Pineal Apparel.

“Gravity” is available on all digital music stores and streaming platforms. Hear it now below via Spotify.

For more info follow Shakeel on social media @Shakhermetic.

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