Listen: Louis York Release “Slow Motion (Reimagined)”


Louis York, the duo comprised of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, have a special gift for fans with the ‘Reimagined’ version of their fan-favorite song “Slow Motion.”

Originally featured on their debut EP, Masterpiece Theater – Act 1, the song takes on a new life during their live shows. One that sends chills all over, and this brand new studio version captures the live feel and manages to bring even more emotion than before.

“I don’t want to waste no time / While I have you in my life,” sings Claude. “Can we make a memory, something I can hold on to / ‘Cause in a blinking of an eye / I know all of this could die / So baby let me savor every single day with you.”

You can hear it below, but Louis York have released the song as a free download for fans too. It is available right now directly from their website, weirdoworkshop.com.

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