R&B Legends & Stars Celebrate International Women’s Day


Today (March 8), is International Women’s Day and while it should be an everyday occurrence it is still the one day where many go out of their way to celebrate the strength, courage, creativity, passion, and resilience of women all over the world.

In music, we saw many artists, celebrities, brands, labels, etc. joining in the movement and spreading the positive celebration and encouragement across social media. While it’s only a small gesture to the continued fight for equality, the messages were felt and will only increase awareness and progress. Some of R&B’s great icons shared their voices for #internationalwomensday on Instagram. Janet Jackson posted a selfie while wearing a Nike EQUALITY. hat and captioned the post with a strong message.

“Because of my gender, I’ve heard no too many times,” she wrote. “Because of my race, I’ve heard no too many times. But with every no I grow in strength. That is why with all women, I stand tall with pride. All that we’ve been through, our time has come to rejoice. A new agenda’s due.”

Toni Braxton posted an image striking a strong pose while wearing all black and wrote #GirlPower. Mariah Carey did the same while posting a throwback photo of herself with her daughter Monroe on Halloween. Other R&B stars like Alicia Keys and Monica thanked the powerful women in their lives, including their mothers and grandmothers.

A. Key’s message to her mother was heartfelt and captivating. “This is my Mama. She is the fiercest woman I know! Look at that face! Gorgeous! Tough! No nonsense! A true lioness!!,” she wrote. “She will break down doors and tear down walls! Nobody stands in her way. I wonder if she knows that’s the power she showed me. I wonder if she knows that’s why I know how much power we hold as women. I wonder if she knows that that’s why when I asked my son Egypt this morning if women should be treated the same as men? He said, “No! Better!”

Monica had some similar words for her grandmother. “My grandmother Edna Mae Paige was the epitome of strength,” she wrote with a photo of them and Mo’s daughter. “I never heard her complain & her ability to get things done was admirable … As much as I miss your presence, who you are lives within me and keeps me strong daily!!”

Janelle Monáe posted a fierce photo from her recent video shoot captioning it with a line from the song. “Black Girl Magic, y’all can’t stand it, y’all can’t ban it !”❤️? Happy international Women’s day to all!” Elle Varner chose to post an image of her message which said, “Never apologize for being a powerful fucking woman.”

Kehlani honored the day with an encouraging, inclusive message. “Today is #InternationalWomensDay, which celebrates the achievements of women across the globe. Over the last year, we’ve seen an unprecedented movement for women’s rights, and one thing is clear: our time is now,” she wrote. “We are phenomenal, and we will make the world a better place for all women. Side note: when celebrating women today, make sure you celebrate ALL women. Trans women and masculine presenting women too. I love y’all. (I have Frida, Lauryn, Coraline & Reggie Rocket tatted, GIRLGANG.”

Sevyn took the relaxing approach with an image by a pool drinking wine and reading a book. “Never disturb a woman…her wine…& her book????, she wrote. “#HappyInternationalWomensDay Enjoy ur day ladies….we deserve it.” K. Michelle honored some of her closest friends in the industry with a honest message. “Happy International Women’s day! There are some ladies who never switched up on me in the time of convenience. I’ve seen people turn they back on you cause it wasn’t cool. People you looked up 2 try to embarrass you due to ego. I’ve seen it ALL. Your love and consistency and kind words have kept me up. You motivate me daily by your drive for excellence and just being GOOD FUCKING PEOPLE! I celebrate you ladies. I got your back for life.”

Even some of the fellas got in on the celebratory day. Tank posted multiple messages, one to his fiancee Zena Foster and another to his mother and sister. Tyrese posted a sweet message to his wife, and Trey Songz posted an image of himself with all the women in his family, captioning it simply with a heart.


I've already said a million times how much my Nana has influenced my life as a woman but I'm not sure if I've ever shared that I had to BEG her to take this picture!! ?She was a woman determined to have her OWN career as a nurse at Harlem Hospital in 1952 the year her first son was born (my father). She studied hard & made it real. She was a single mom. Later, she married an Italian grocer (my grandfather) who in 1967 had a fruit & veggie stand in Harlem which surely wasn't the easiest storm to weather at that time in America. When he moved them to the suburbs of Long Island she had to get used to it because the house he bought her was smaller than her Harlem apt. she paid for on her OWN ❤️But u know behind all strong men there's an even stronger woman. She always stood by him. She had such a generous heart & shared that home w/ 2 beautiful twin foster children who she then adopted. This is the soul she was & the soul that’s been infused inside of me.She was the most compassionate, intelligent & kind advocate anyone could dream to have. She taught me everything about how to be a woman in the world.How to be both gentle & tough.How to demand respect by your stance & how to be independent yet co-dependent on those you love so reciprocity can be real! She always made me do reading & writing homework throughout the summers I stayed with her! ? She is one of the biggest reasons why I know intelligence is power!! So although the world still has a long way to go to make gender equality a reality, for woman to get the same pay, respect and opportunities as our male counterparts, and to ensure that education is as important for every girl EVERYWHERE, I have to say that because of this woman(and my Mother)I NEVER felt like I was inferior, or less capable or less intelligent.I knew from the minute I was born that women are the greatest gifts to humanity for without us, there would be nothing.So thank u Nana for taking this picture so I can always remember what u stood for, how much you’ve given to our family & how much u have meant to me!! #InternationalWomensDay #family #women #progress #love

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