Watch: Leon Bridges Releases “Bad Bad News” Video


Earlier this month, Leon Bridges surprised us with the release of two new singles, “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” and “Bad Bad News.” This week, the soulful crooner unveiled a mini-movie style music video for the later.

Set in Brooklyn, the over six minutes visual–directed by Natalie Rae–takes viewers on a thumping adventure through the city streets at night. Opening like a horror film, a woman is seen walking away swiftly on a train platform. When she hears a whistling that seems to be summoning her, she quickly changes directions and begins to track down the mysterious whistler. Bridges and his band are shot in a rehearsal space, where he dances around the musicians who are seated in a circle. His vintage aesthetic remains in the wardrobe and coloring, as he twitches and jolts in awkward movements. The woman seems to be manipulated or under a spell at times, as the music causes her to make quick dance movements at various times.

The plot of the video in relation to the song is hard to pinpoint, but as Bridges sings: “I don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry about people in my face / I hit ‘em with the style and grace, and watch their ankles break,” he brushes off he haters and the visuals female lead appears to do the same.

Leon Bridges new album Good Thing is expected to be released May 4 via Columbia Records. Check out the video for “Bad Bad News” above.

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